4 Easy Steps to Start Healing Today!

The thought of healing can be quite overwhelming for those who’ve experienced childhood trauma! The reason it seems overwhelming is because so many negative emotions immediately race to mind! Thoughts of anger, guilt, resentment, worthlessness, sadness, hopelessness and fear are all the emotions we’ve tried to bury and avoid for most of our lives so the thought of bringing them to surface is intimidating and overwhelming!

Most of us try to bury our childhood thoughts and emotions because we think that will help us forget or erase the memories! It doesn’t! It just keeps it packed away long enough until something trigger’s them and brings them to surface over and over again! Burying and bottling up the pain will begin to resurface and negatively impact all areas of our lives as adults!

We will start to notice negative patterns in our thoughts, our careers, our relationships, our finances and our parenting! This happens because we

“Repeat What We Don’t Repair”

Often times we grow up feeling isolated and alone but I want you to know this is simply not true! There are over 1 billion people globally including myself, who’ve experienced childhood trauma. Your trauma does not define you and it was not your fault! You are safe now and healing your childhood trauma is essential in order to live authentically and abundantly! 

The fact that you took time to read this shows that you have the desire to trust again, love again and find peace with your past! I'm going to be honest, this will be a life long commitment and journey but with each step you will begin to soften the heart that you’ve shutdown to your protect yourself! You will unlock all the strengths and gifts that your childhood has given you!

I promise you that although you may not see it right now, the adversity you experienced in childhood has given you unique strengths and gifts that will impact this world with a higher good!

The key to healing is to take the process step by step.

These 4 steps will help you start your healing journey today:

1. Acceptance- it seems like a no brainer but it’s not! A lot of us have not accepted that we’ve experienced  trauma because apart of us doesn’t want to believe it’s true or we believe if we accept it, we approve of what was done to us! Acceptance does not mean that you approve of your trauma, it is simply acknowledging that it happened.

2. Awareness- once you’ve accepted that you’ve experienced childhood trauma, you give yourself permission to heal because you are aware that the trauma is affecting your life today! You can become aware of your thoughts, your emotions and reactions!

3. Support- will be crucial during this journey because you will be face to face with your deepest darkest wounds! Community will be vital for the days that are rough! The inside out movement community will be there to support, encourage and listen to you every step of the way!

4. Knowledge- will be the foundation to your healing process! You will learn why you think the way you do, why you are highly sensitive, why you react the way you do, why relationships have been a struggle and most importantly how to go from living in survival mode to thriving!

Congratulations on your decision to heal! You are so deserving of peace and I can’t wait to hear all about your breakthrough moments! Welcome to the Inside Out Movement, we are so proud of you for choosing to heal! You can do this! You got this!