About Us

The Inside out movement was birthed from pain that turned into purpose. It is a movement created to help adults who have experienced childhood trauma. The movement is helping adults heal their pain so it can be used for purpose. Healing childhood trauma is essential in order to live a life filled with love, peace and happiness. We help adults uncover the lies and discover their truths. The mission is to help adults break free from the mental chains that keep them from reaching their highest potential. There are tools and techniques that can be used to help uncover the lies and discover your truth’s. Our healing merchandise gives you the opportunity to live and speak your truth unapologetically. Becoming apart of the Inside Out Movement Community gives you the opportunity to become apart of a movement that will bring awareness to topics of childhood trauma and create a safe online space for all those who experienced it! Together we will build a safe community and change the trajectory of our families future while encouraging so many others to join in on breaking generational curses in their families too!