I Am Affirmation Unisex T Shirt

I Am Affirmation Unisex T Shirt

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Do you struggle with worthiness?


Do you use non serving words daily like want, need, can’t, don’t, trying or won’t?

Do you lack confidence & self love?

Do you feel guilty for making yourself a priority? 

Then this “I AM V Neck T- shirt is PERFECT for you! This affirmation Tee is for woman who need a daily reminder that affirming positive beliefs into your life is a vital part to changing your current belief system about who you are! 

-100% airlume combed and ringspun cotton 

- Soft Feel 

- Vinyl Logo

- True to size



The “I AM” collection is a collection created with love & compassion to help woman affirm a new  belief system which will increase confidence, self love and worthiness! The most powerful affirmations were gathered together in this collection to shift your beliefs from a non serving belief system to an empowering belief system! These powerful positive affirmations will serve as a daily reminder of who you truly are!


My name is Dominique Gill and I am the creator of the Inside Out Movement, I created this shirt for woman who forgot who they are! I created this for woman who are struggling with worthiness! The two most powerful words you will ever speak are the words “I AM” the words that follow this statement are either empowering or disempowering your life! Words hold power, words create beliefs and words wI’ll change your life! The ”I AM”collection is loaded with powerful, positive words to help you affirm the truth about who you truly are!

Snag this beautiful  “I AM” crop top that speaks a powerful message of self love, not only to yourself but to all women when you wear it out in the world!!

Remember this YOU ARE WORTHY!